Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black 'n' Burger Bar -- Jerusalem, Israel

Wow, we had a great night out at Black 'n' Burger Bar on Shlomtzion haMalka Street! When we first walked up the stairs to B 'n' B, it looked a bit like a club. The inside was dark, and has black tables and a long bar, with a patio for smokers. I felt as though I should be pulsing to the beat... I had to remind myself that B 'n' B is just a burger joint, that just happens to be the cousin of a trendy club. This is probably not the type of place that I'd like to hang out on a Saturday night, as it would probably be crawling with bold and beautiful American teenagers, but for a nice, quiet dinner for a couple in their 20's on a Tuesday, it worked really well!

B 'n' B is located at 18 Shlomtzion haMalka Street. We had French fries, a small salad with (gf) thousand island dressing, and a burger on a GF bun. There was a waitress who was an Anglo, and was able to answer my more in-depth questions about the food (such as, "are the hamburgers made with bread crumbs?"). They have a special English-language menu (like many restaurants in Jerusalem) which makes things easier, especially if there is no Anglo waiter or waitress around. 

Best of all, they had SOUFFLE that was gluten-free (I almost couldn't believe it, it was deliciously ridiculous, warm with flowing, hot, dark chocolate pulsing through the center.) It felt like a completely normal night, where my gluten allergy didn't hamper me from enjoying a normal dinner.

I'd like to personally thank B 'n' B for doing a huge mitzvah in providing food to those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Now come to America, already!

Any questions, call their number: 02-624-6767
Gluten-Note: B 'n' B doesn't take responsibility for food being completely gf, as many things are prepared in the same oven/environment. However, for those who can tolerate traces of gluten, this is a great option.

Kashrut: B 'n' B is certified by the Jerusalem Rabbinate, which is generally a strict kashering agency. The only problem is that B 'n' B is NOT halak (glatt), which poses a problem for most Sephardim and some Ashkenazim. I was so hungry, and starved for a good burger, that I used the Ashkenazi koola and ate non-glatt meat. The other options: since there is no such things as a glatt chicken, this is a fine option for those who won't compromise on halak and are willing to eat rabbinute chicken. There is also a veggie burger option!

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