Monday, May 30, 2011

First Attempt at Challah

I made my first independent stab at making challah yesterday. My first attempts at challah were with my partner, who is an excellent challah maker, but right now we don't have his bread machine. My second attempts were with a friend. They turned out to be quite delicious, but on my own things are a little bit different. The recipe that I used was from 'The Shiska' Blog (Tory Avery), I've never made anything of hers before. This was a great recipe, like most challah recipes it takes FOREVER to make (you could run to the store, take a shower, or do laundry between risings.)
I'll put the pictures up soon. My favorite type of recipes are those that are not easy messed up. Unfortunately, while I was 'greasing' the bowl I saturated it in oil accidentally, however I did everything else to the letter of the law.

I just found this article about being not letting food rot (a problem of mine in the past.)
It's very interesting (ba'al taschit, the concept of not wasting, is part of Jewish law and laws of kashrut).