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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So happy to have Quinoa Pasta
Quinoa Elbow Pasta from the Quinoa Corporation

Company: The Quinoa Corporation
Hekscher: Star-K (parve)
Other Information: Certified organic and non-GMO, and products are made in completely gluten-free facilities

A celiac-Jewess advised that quinoa pastas were far better than rice pastas—and boy was she right! After having a rice pasta that turned to dust in my mouth, I was happy to find quinoa pasta (or, rather, happy that my mother got some for me!)

Pros: This pasta tastes normal and was delicious! It didn’t turn to sawdust in my mouth, and I enjoyed putting several types of sauce (marinara, garlic spaghetti sauce, and tamari) on it. I even had a bunch of this pasta for Shabbot. The best part was that (when spending Shabbot with non-GF people) my pasta didn’t look or taste “weird.” And it springy, much like regular pasta. 

Health: “A good source for people with wheat and gluten related food allergies as well as senior and diabetic diets (because it is low on the glycemic index).” (According to the book ‘Eat Yourself Slim’ by Michel Montignac.)

Cons: I wouldn’t eat this pasta alone (something I would seldom have done with glutenous pasta, either.) I have not tested it with butter, or “futter” yet, but tested it with a number of sauces and was very impressed. The quinoa pastas also contain corn, so anyone with a corn allergy should stay away.

Verdict: This is a great, healthy product that is easy on a gluten-intolerant stomach. I’d give it an A, and more important, was able to ask my grandmother for her chop suey recipe again!
Bonus: The Quinoa Corporation’s website has a lot of information, including recipes! 

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