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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katz's Gluten-Free Oat Challah Rolls

Katz's Gluten-Free Oat Challah Rolls

Kashrut: OU-Parve

Something I found out about Katz's is that they take portion control quite seriously--the oat challah rolls seemed small, but once I bit into one, I figured out why. They're very dense and not particularly moist. Part of it is that these rolls are, well, parve in the sense they are neutral--neither sweet nor salty, nor particularly tasty. The other part is that, if you are comparing these rolls to regular light, fluffy, challah--you will be disappointed. However, if you accept them for what they are (kind've like a dense muffin) they're not bad.

The Pro's: You can make motzi (if you can tolerate oats.)
The Con: Not the tastiest roll. My fiance suggested that I drench the roll in hummus (how Israeli of him), but I declined and ate a kazayit.

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