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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Product Review-Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

"Boulder Canyon Natural Foods: MultiGrain Puffs: White Cheddar"
Kashrut: OU-D (chalav stam)

Not Pesadik

Both my tester (i.e. mother/guinea pig) and I enjoyed these white cheddar cheese puffs immensely! I accidentally picked them up without realizing that they have dairy in them. 

Pro's: Tasted like REGULAR cheese puffs, there is nothing weird or unusual about these puffs! They taste like regular cheese puffs, and to boot, many delicious cheese puffs aren't kosher. These are-what a nice change! They also stain the hands significantly less than regular cheese puffs, but leave a minimal cornmeal-like grime on your hands. 
Con's: These cheese puffs are dairy-which means I won't be having them again for a long time. They're also chalav stam, for those who don't eat chalav stam. 

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