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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The BBQ Is Back On!

Thanks to Udi's, some free time, and a stop at the Butcherie (a kosher grocery store) in Boston, I got my barbeque ON recently.
Kashrut: Udi's products at Scroll-K (a hekscher from Orthodox rabbis in Denver, where Udi's products are made). 
Scroll-K Website:
Product Website:

My odyssey with meat and bbq It started with a hamburger--ground beef, with onions, garlic, and cilantro that we put in the food processor. I was at friends house that is not shomer-kashrut, so (per usual) we bbqed on aluminum foil. I kept my buns on a special piece of foil, as well, to prevent cross-contamination. The bbqing continued with hot dogs slathered with mustard (how delicious!), and eventually, more hamburgers.

Verdict: I give Udi's buns an A! The best part about Udi's products are that you don't feel like a freak while at a barbecque. You don't have to eat your hot dog or hamburger plain. The only downside is that Udi's hot dog and hamburger are not only thick, but also very dense. The solution was simple, I ended up only using 1/2 a bun per burger and hotdog.
Tips: I toasted the buns before eating, which left them with a lovely, crispy flavor.

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